JSA Europe is official partner of Ukrainian Rock-Fest – Dunaiska Sich – 2017

The JSA Europe became the official partner of the rock festival Dunaiska Sich / Ukraine, Izmail, Odessa region / July 28-29, 2017 / Free entrance.

We do support the production of the festival, mainly in the promotion and management of some of the issues.

The Festival “Danaiska Sich” will be held for the fourth time!

July 28-29 in Izmail, Odessa region, for the fourth time will be held the rock festival “Danaiska Sich” (The Danube Sich). Known youth groups from Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus will gather on the banks of the Dunay (Danube) river to show residents of Ukrainian Bessarabia all the versatility of Ukrainian rock music.

In particular, Hutsul metal will be represented by the group “KARNA” from Ivano- Frankivsk. Fans of hard rock will be able to enjoy the work of the group “Tin Sontsa” (Shadow of the Sun) from Kyiv, and fans of ethno-rock will like the creativity of “Haydamaky” and “TaRuta” from Kyiv.

Romantic and penetrating pop-rock will be represented at the festival by the guys from the group “Fiolet” (Violet), and intellectual musicians of the “Kamyshiovy Kot” (Reed Cat) group represent intellectual rock. A special highlight of the festival will be the performance of the already legendary Kharkov singer and volunteer Boris Sevastyanov to the accompaniment of the band “P@P@Carlo”. His songs about the military aggression of the Russian Federation in the east of Ukraine have a huge audience on the channel of YouTube.

Lithuanian guests of the “Danube Sich” festival, the legendary group with the 25-year history “Skyle” have been exclusively promised to sing in Izmail five songs in Ukrainian. A sabra from the group “Vuraj” will call on Ukraine as part of their European tour with a new program adapted to the modern youth tastes of authentic Polissya songs (famous area in Belarus).

As well as their performances make the other members.

However, the organizers of the festival not only do a concert on the main stage -they will offer many interesting interactive classes: master classes from folk Artists, demonstration performances Combat Gopak by the school from Odessa, performances of players on kobza and lyre, the parade of flags, exhibitions of modern and historical Cossack weapons, a festival of short films from Mikhail Ilyenko, a photo exhibition of The newspaper “Den” (the Day) and many more interesting and informative on a separate places of city streets.

The festival is held for the first time in a three-day format. And for the first time visitors come from abroad. Beginning in 2014 from a small perfomance of three groups, for three years by the forces of Muzychny Batalion (MuzBut – the short name) volunteers the festival was able to not only stay “afloat”, but also to expand to the large event in city Izmail, but also to become recognizable for the whole of Ukraine. Plus to take an international status also. The municipal authorities of the city and the administrations of the Odessa region began to render all possible assistance. And for the first time this year, the “Danaiska Sich” received support from UkrZaliznytsia (Ukrainian state railways), as the official transfer company of the festival.

“Musical Battalion” will make the main mission like usually – will be performed rockmusic set in military units stationed in Ukrainian Besarabia – for raising the morale spirit of the Ukrainian solders. July 30, “Danaiska Sich” will be with concerts in Bolgrad, Reni, Izmail and Kiliya.

Promoter by Fest – Public Creative Union “Muzychny Batalion” (Musical Battalion)


Official website of Fest: http://dunairock.com/

Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dunaiskasich/