New issue (242) of the magazine AUDIENCE UK for March 2020 was printed. Inside there is an interesting review about the Staging Business during the time of the attack of Coronavirus on the entire entertainment industry. The managing director of the JSA Stage Company – Alexander Strizhak, also answered questions for this topic.

Introduction to the article:

“Coronavirus may have brought the live music industry to a virtual standstill and all companies are facing unprecedented challenges over the next few months, but here we focus on the sector’s achievement and vision for the future, post COVID-19.”

Christopher Barrett reports

See full text of article: STAGING A COMEBACK

Excerpt from the text with answers from Alexander Strizhak:

Launched in 1996 by Alexander Strizhak to work on a Michael Jackson concert at Dynamo Stadium in Moscow, JSA Europe is headquartered in Riga, Latvia, and operates across the region.

Its projects have included the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2017 and the 7,000-capacity festival Dunaiska Sich in Izmail.

Naturally this year’s work will depend on the situation with Coronavirus, but it is due to be involved in the production of annual major events in Ukrainian cities this summer and autumn, including the Leopolis Jazz Festival (30,000) in Lviv, Festival Faine Misto (16,000) in Ternopil and UnderHill Music Festival (25,000) in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Earlier this year JSA partnered with Karabas Promotion to provide production and technical support for concerts in Kiev, including Deep Purple, Ricky Martin, Bjork, Rammstein and Elton John.

“We have great plans and hopes but currently it is very difficult to be fully confident of what the future will bring,” says Strizhak.

Among systems the company supplies are SIXTY82 aluminium trussing, stage constructions and podiums, and Layher structural systems.

Strizhak says the demand for interesting and alternative stage set ups is having a positive effect on the industry.

“It encourages imagination and creativity and, as a result, the continual development of the industry. We work in partnership with ArtMax Engineering in Lviv, which makes original and unique stage designs for show and non-standard structures for events,” he says.

The company is working on a new mobile, modular and re-designable 3,000*-capacity stage set-up called Flexodrom.”

* In the original text in magazine was made a typo (capacity – no 30, 000 / correct – 3,000).

See full issue of magazine here: AUDIENCE 242

In the magazine was used a picture from the Underhill Music Festival 2019 / Stage Design – ArtMax Engineering