Sports show – Nokia Totally Board had a tour of European cities and for the first time this exciting event was held in Moscow on September 21, 2002.
Especially for this case, engineers from JSA company created the original slide-ramp (tramplin) design based of Layher Allround Scaffolding System. JSA company for the first time in Russia installed the big structure for competitions and demo promotion of snowboarding.

The venue was in an open area near the main building of Moscow University. Almost all week during installation work and before the start of the long-awaited event, in Moscow it was pouring light rain and dense fog was a few days. But fortunately, on Saturday, September 21 the sun shone and everything went well!

Also specifically for the event about 300 tons of artificial snow was made to cover the track on the “steel mountain” structure (height – 26 meters / length about 64 meters). Fans of extreme sports saw the fascinating performances athletes – acrobatic jumping of snowboarding (Big Air) and additionally show on mountain-skiing (Freestyle). All this action was accompanied by with good rhythm of energetic music from the best local DJs.

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