The rock group “Nogu Svelo!” returns with concerts in Ukraine!

This experimental mini-tour of the legendary punk musicians will take place with the assistance of Concert Agency of JSA as a booking agent and management service for the local promoters. Concert dates:

September 23, 2021 – Odessa / Concert Hall “GARDENS OF VICTORY”
September 24, 2021 – Dnipro / Summer Theater in Shevchenko Park
September 25, 2021 – Kharkiv / Art Factory “Mechanics”
September 26, 2021 – Kyiv / Concert Hall – Stereo Plaza

Nogu Svelo! is an iconic Russian rock band, which songs are easily recognisable by their unique cynical humor, self-irony in poetry, courage and a variety of musical styles. Their hit “Haru Mamburu” is especially famous and is still popular – this year it will be 27 years old. The band has fifteen studio albums, many of which have become very popular. During 2020, Nogu Svelo! published an EP called “4 Stages of Quarantine” which became extremely relatable for the band’s listeners and even new discoverers because of how well the music reflected the collective mood of the majority of Russian population due to the covid and political crisis, as well as the following 3 singles – “Silence of the Lamb”, “Goodbye 2020” and “Zaebali”. The first single of this album “The Golden Time” dramatically changed the audience’s opinion about the band by bringing up more serious topics than usual. The leader of the group, Maxim Pokrovsky, has his own political position, in particular he publicly supported the opposition leader Alexei Navalny. After that, the concerts of Nogu Svelo! in Russia started to get canceled due to the band’s political stance.

At the end of March of 2021 the group presented their fifteenth album called “Perfumery”, which did not include any political context, however it still became popular for fans in Russia and people all over the world.

By making it possible to conduct this mini-tour in Ukraine, JSA supports the position of rock musicians and at the same time officially makes a new start in its activities in the concert business. This is especially significant in our time of quarantine, when show business is under unprecedented pressure due to the Corona crisis situation.

JSA Stage Company has extensive experience in hosting live concerts and events since 2000. A new page in this direction was opened with the support and cooperation of Eugene Letichevsky, who became a member of the JSA team at the end of 2019. Eugene has extensive experience as an artist booking agent, promoter and production manager for concerts and events.

We hope for success in this direction. This is a particularly pleasant sign in the anniversary year for JSA / September 17, 2021 we will be 25 years old!