Ukrainian Event Awards – 2016. The main event show of the year

The Sixth Ceremony of Ukrainian Event Awards took place in Kyiv.

Within the framework of the UEA Master classes program, Alexander Strizhak (owner and founder of JSA) gave the report-presentation. The meeting was lively and attracted the professional interest of young market participants.

Conversation was about the role of the managements in the process of production of events and about the real issues of PRODUCTION.

A short announcement to the lecture was as follows:

Organization of the process of events (concerts, mass cultural and sporting events, festivals, promo actions, weddings and much more) is quite a frequent phenomenon in our life. Almost everyone can become an initiator and/or organizer and hardly anyone in Ukraine has received a professional education in this direction.

Usually at the heart of these events lies the enthusiasm and irresistible desire to make an event, and then to take money, or to take money and then to make the event. Everyone has own motivation, but the show should be.

Just need to do a holiday and you do it. This is how teams of specialists are created. Who are these people – administrators and managers? Who on behalf of the organizer comes in the preparation of projects to the customer and sponsors, to technicians, decorators, police, advertisers, transport workers, electricians and so on. Who runs around the clock on an areas and solves all the issues of holding a bright and memorable moment in the life of invited people and spectators who bought tickets?

Thanks for the invitation to Tatiana Lorenz (founder and CEO of the Awards event).

And also we thank everyone who came and was an active listener at the meeting with Alexander Strizhak.

We wish everyone success and a new professional achievements.