On February 9, 2008, on the Vorob’yovy Gory (Sparrow Hills), for the second year in a row, the stage of NOKIA Snowboard World Cup was held in the most spectacular competition – Big Air. And on March 01 was held the stage of the World Cup in ski freestyle (ski acrobatics). It was for the first time not in a famous mountainous place, but in the city of a megalopolis.

Specifically for these events JSA installed unique temporary structure of ramp in one of the most famous places in Moscow on area from the front of the main building of Moscow State University. The large “Iron Mountain” was mounted from Layher Allround Scaffolding System. This became the largest ramp in the history of such competitions: total height – 50 m, height of start area – 46 m, length – 170 m, width – 22 m. To finish on time – installation work was started back in December 2007.

Besides the fact that the Nokia Soundboard World Cup in Moscow is not only an important event in the world snowboard, it is also nice light show with fireworks and concert of popular musicians for fans of this extremal sports.

In this case the promoter of these two “extremal” events, the New League agency took the award by Book of Russia Record in the category “The highest construction of ramp (tramplin) for Freestyle”.

Magazine Show-Master: JSA for the fifth time built a springboard in Moscow
Magazine Show-Master: Highest Ramp (Tramplin) for ski freestyle
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