Initially, JSA was created as the first company in Russia to manage the production of the technical part of concerts and events (Production Management) and made this activity a separate business. Already in the first years, in the second half of the 90s, JSA gained extensive experience working with famous world musicians such as Michael Jackson, Jean Michel Jarre, The Rolling Stones, Ronnie James Dio, Status Quo, Whitesnake, Brian May, Kiss, Chris Rea, Julio Iglesias, José Carreras, and others.

In 2000, JSA founded a Concert Agency for a new line of work as an independent concert promoter. It was a kind of strong promotional campaign to promote the JSA brand in the show business market (both local and international). It was also a good opportunity to create additional projects for the company’s main business – stage construction and technical production management. One of the reasons for creating the Concert Agency was the consequences of the August 1998 Crisis (Default in Russia) which led to a low level of business activity in the production of large concert events. Such a move in show business was unusual for a tech company, but it contributed to an increase in the overall activity of players in the market and created competition.

JSA Concert Agency achieved great success. This allowed JSA to take advantage of additional business opportunities and rise to a leadership position. Staging live concerts on their own as a “promotion” for the company helped to foster the JSA name very quickly. The company’s logo and name quickly became recognizable by customers and became popular among contractors. The company also did good advertising in the media and established business relations with them.

Concert agency JSA created during its existence:

Concert Agency JSA has organized and provided concerts of such Artists as:

After 2003, JSA suspended its active work as a Concert Agency but continued to have a role in various projects, doing a part as a promoter.

Concerts where the company was a co-promoter:

During the work of the Concert Agency, JSA has developed good relationships with global agencies Live Nation, The Agency, Marshall Arts, and others, as well as with professional magazines IQ-Mag (founder of the main international conference of promoters ILMC), Pollstar, and others.

Although the company’s promotional activities were many years ago, JSA is always ready to cooperate with promoters and companies in the production of concerts and events in various aspects of this activity.

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