Red Hot Chili Peppers & MTV Party
on the Red Square in Moscow

September 25, 1999 –  like the birthday MTV Russia!

This day was as the first broadcast of famous music channel for the audience in Russia where spoke Russian!

More than a month before – August 14, 1999 on Red Square (Vasilyevsky Spusk) in Moscow was a great show – MTV Party’ya. The concert was held with exultation of tens of thousands of happy fans MTV and Red Hot Chili Peppers. During the event performed some Russian popular bands, including – Gorky Park, IFK and  Zdob si Zdub from Moldavia. And of course on stage were heroes MTV Beavis and Butt-Head. At the end of RHCP gave crazy show as part of his world tour – Californication.

All day the weather was good, and in the evening it started to rain. Anthony Kiedis came on stage and sang the first line of a popular song from soviet times- Let The Sun Will Always !!! And the powerful energy was transferred to the huge crowd of fans. The concert brought together more than 300 000 people under the wall of the Kremlin. The exact number is not known, since the event was free. It is known that people were everywhere, where they could at least something to see or hear including the bridge over the Moscow River and promenade on both of its sides.

JSA Stage Company built the stage and other constructs, put safety barriers, the podium with a tent roof for the VIP area.

© All photos are copyright by JSA Stage Company.