Opera ballet “White Butterfly Yokko” on stage in Jurmala. Teatris Fabrika

On August 18, 19, 20, 21, 2021, the premiere of the chamber opera-ballet “White Butterfly Yokko” took place in Jurmala. The performances took place in the open area of TEATRIS FABRIKA next to the historic building of the 19th century, the former Schmidt’s boarding house.

JSA was involved in the technical and partly organizational part of the preparation and holding of this unique event for Latvia. Initially, the premiere was to take place at the Park Hotel Ķemeri. But later, for technical reasons beyond the control of the organizers of the project, the performances were postponed. Therefore, Arnis Grinbergs, the technical director of the project from the JSA company, had to urgently deal with the issues of transferring performances, both in technical and organizational issues.

As a result, everything went well and the Creative Association TEATRO FABRICA was able to present its new project to the audience, slightly adapting it to the new platform.

Chamber OPERA-BALLET “White Butterfly Yokko”, composer Vitaly Galutva (1951 – 2007) was staged based on the poetic cycle “Scarlet ink on black silk” by the Japanese poetess Yokko Irinati (IX-XII centuries).

Director Maria de Valyukoff – theatrical figure, actress, theater and film director, candidate of art history – managed to create the quintessence of the audiovisual embodiment of the aesthetics of Eastern culture in a modern cut of spectacular video projections and original scenography. The stage space of the production was a Japanese garden, with huge blooming chrysanthemums, from which three women, three voices, three facets of beauty grow.

An international creative team took part in the work on the project – professional and talented artists, artists, musicians with extensive experience of working on stage venues around the world.

Below are some pictures – fragments from the play “White Butterfly Yokko”

© Photos from JSA and from the promoter of this event