The Prodigy in Kyiv and Riga
Sankt Petersburg and Moscow

The Prodigy concerts were held in Riga / Latvia (Skonto Halle – 03.10), in Kyiv / Ukraine (MVC – 07.10), in Russia – Moscow (Crocus Expo – 09.10) and St. Petersburg (Ice Arena – 11.10). It was as part from the big world tour of the band – Invaders Must Die.

The main promoter of shows in four cities was agancy – Top Concert (Tatiana Dalskaya). JSA was as a co-promoter – support and production team in Riga and Kyiv. In St. Petersburg and Moscow, the company took only a local production case.

In Riga, there were more than 6,000 spectators. It was a good experience for JSA Europe.

Below photos from the show in Kyiv, as the most interesting project for JSA Ukraine (together with the team from JSA Europe and JSA Moscow. For the first time like great experience a such concert was held in one of the halls of the International Exhibition Center. Capacity was more than 10,000 spectators. It was a vivid and memorable event for fans of the Prodigy in the most difficult year of the global economic crisis.

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A set of pictures from the performance of the Prodigy on the stage in Kyiv.

© All photos are copyright by JSA Stage Company.

Poster by concert in Riga / Latvia / Sports Hall – Skonto / October 3, 2009

Magazine “Public People” (in russian): “Oxygen Cushion for the Prodigy”

© All photos are copyright by JSA Stage Company.