The Big Layher Design in Moscow

In the autumn of 2009, a large pavilion structure was established in Moscow on Mira Avenue. It was used a few months for the restoration works of the famous monument of the Soviet time – Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (sculptor Vera Mukhina). This construction consisted of the three systems – Layher Allround Scaffolding, Layher Cassette Roof and Layher Protect. The modern beautiful “building” had: width – 25 m / length – about 50 m / wall height: one part 21 m, the second part – 27 m. A crane could work inside the pavilion under the roof – lifting the multi-ton parts of the monument.

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Creation of the World (Peace). The Second Festival in Kazan

June 27, 2009, in Kazan, the second festival was held –  Creation of the World / in russian – Sotvoreniye Mira.

The festival featured more than 20 musical groups, headliners on the Double Stage  were: DDT (Russia), Manu Chao (France – Spain), Mumiy Troll (Russia), Vopli Vidoplyasova (Ukraine), The Rifles (England), Nino Katamadze (Georgia).

The audience was more than 200,000 during the all day.

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Roger Waters in Saint Petersburg on the Dvortsovaya (Palace) Square

June 06, 2006 Roger Waters gave his first show on the Palace Square (Dvortsovaya sq.) in Sankt-Petersburg  / capacity of about 35,000 spectators. Roger Waters performed a famous program – “The Dark Side of the Moon”.  Also he sang other legendary hits from the time of Pink Floyd and from his solo albums. This show was held as part of the cultural program of the Economic Forum.

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Carmina Burana & Kyivstar. The Biggest Stage in Ukraine

On September 01, 2007, in Kyiv on the open-area Singing Field was presented in the original production of the opera by Carl Orff – Carmina Burana. It was as part of the big show “Communication for the Future”. The event was dedicated to the anniversary of Kyivstar, one of the largest telephone operators in Ukraine. There were about 10,000 spectators: VIP guests – invited employees of the company and the rest audience has come by free entry.

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