Today we have a Jubilee Birthday! Congratulations to all who are with us!

The very impressive 20 years in staging and local production management.

JSA Stage Company was founded by Alexander Strizhak in Moscow Since September 17,1996 as the first professional service of management in production sector for live shows, cultural and sport events and other entertainment projects. Since 1997 JSA started as the first professional Staging Company in Russia after collapse of the Soviet Empire.

Much has changed since then and we are glad that we could give our contribution to the development of the market and we are grateful to everyone who has been with us and helped us all this time.

Thanks very much to all members of JSA TEAM: offices in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kyiv (Ukraine), Riga (Latvia), JSA Warehouse and Sales Department – who worked inside the company at various times and who made great job for our success and winning. Especial great thanks to all  scaffolders, stage-hands, riggers and other from JSA Stagers Team as the best first staff for staging in Russia and Ukraine – who made this Job like a new profession for industry on this countries.

A lot of thanks to artists and promoters, our clients and customers from events and advertising agencies government and municipal offices, private persons, concerts halls venues, sport associations, exhibitions, to journalists and friends from industry magazines, internet media, radio stations, TV channels and also to security services, companies of production technical supporting – lighting, sounds, video screens, tents constructions, electro generators, transporting and etc

Special thanks to manufacturing plants Layher (the scaffolding systems) and Prolyte Group (aluminium trusses and chain-hoists) for the great partnership and for the nice cooperation to Show-Master, Silver Rain Radio-station, Music-Moscow Exhibition, Lightmaster, Krasnov Design, Exit Agency, IQ-Magazine, Live Nation, SAV Entertainment, Marshal Arts, MTV Russia, Live Sound, PRO-1 and many others

Read more about the company on the “historical” websites:
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(*) In Summer of 2014 JSA closed activities in Russia by political reasons / Now we have only headquarters in Europe (Riga, Latvia) and we will do restart of business soon.