The only GUANO APES concert in Russia took place in the open air at the Khodynka airfield on May 26, 2001. The popular band became the headliner of the big concert as part of the Moscow International Festival of Stuntmen “Prometheus”. This concert was organized by the JSA Promoter team.

Since morning, there were many good shows of stunt masters accompanied by car and moto jumping, flame, pyrotechnics, and special effects at the festival. And also, there were other surprises for the guests of the extreme festival!

Some popular Russian musicians warmed up for Guano Apes: Underwood, Nike Borzov, Vos’maya Marta (Eighth March), Da Boogie Crew, and Linda with her special show. The sensation of this concert was the performance of the punk band – Leningrad. It was their first performance at such a big event in Moscow. Their songs include foul language, which caused a protest from the police and the Director of the Department of Culture of Moscow, so they wanted to stop the show. But thanks to Alexander Strizhak, the group played a full set.

An hour-and-a-half concert by Guano Apes was full of energy from the band’s music and the voice of Sandra Nasić. Despite the cold weather (the air temperature was about +5 /+7 C), the musicians were inspired by what was happening in front of the big stage! The “sea” of the public (more than 30,000 were in the concert area) and the waves of fans’ hands motivated the musicians. The JSA barriers in front of the stage experienced the onset of an audience storm. It was raining not far from the concert area, and a beautiful Rainbow appeared in the sky.

The ticket price for the entire festival, including the concert, was just 100 rubles (about 4 euros). In total, more than 70,000 people attended the festival during the day.

The Festival and Concert were successful even though there was one serious problem. Initially, the event was planned at the Tushino Airdrome, but a week before its start, the director of Tushino Airfield, for some reason, refused to hire out the area. So, the JSA team, together with the Organizer of the Stunt Festival, had to change the place urgently and negotiated with another airfield – Khodynka (closer to the city center).

But there was also one pleasant moment in this fuss: the visit of Guano Apes to Moscow coincided with the birthday of the band’s soloist – Sandra Nasić. It was May 25th, the day before the show. After the press conference, the group and the JSA Promoter team celebrated it at a good party in one of the Moscow clubs.

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JSA Promoter team thanks the Music News Portal ZVUKI.RU for organizing a ticket contest and promo support for the GUANO APES concert. Below is a photo of Sandra Nasić with a birthday present from the ZVUKI.RU editor.

The staging and management of technical production for this event at the Moscow stunt festival was carried out by JSA Stage Company. The big stage, tribune (grandstand, 1000 seats), towers, FOH, tents, backstage area, barriers, and fens.


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