The Great Step in Business with Sixty82!

JSA Europe has become the first SIXTY82 distributor in Latvia and Ukraine.

Responding to significant business growth throughout Europe, SIXTY82 (Netherland), as a manufacturer of aluminum truss systems, stage constructions and podiums in a style by The New Original, concluded a strategic agreement with JSA Europe / Stage Company for an exclusive product sales representative in Latvia and Ukraine.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ukraine / Made by Olerom Forum One

October 13, 2018 in the Kyiv Palace of Sports was an impressive action – OLEROM FORUM ONE. JSA Europe took part in the preparation and conduct of a significant event in Ukraine in the sector of business training. Olerom Forum One is an annual event that attracts a large number of spectator. Here they can always see and hear famous speakers on business motivation and innovation, famous personalities, become participants in a bright show and find interesting contacts.


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JSA Camel Stage – 20 years in a live!
The easiest to use design of the stage.

Twenty years ago, the life of the simplest design of the stage, called JSA Stage Camel, began. The idea of ​​such a design was born in 1998, when the company JSA held talks at the Moscow office of the international advertising agency (It seems was McCANN). The topic of this meeting was the discussion of the organization and technical supporting of the promo tour for the world tobacco brand – Camel. It had to be the Russian part of the international music project of this popular cigarettes with the slogan “Everything is possible!”.

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The easiest to use design of the stage.”