On October 25, 2000, the techno-rave show of german band Scooter took place at the Luzhniki Sports Palace in Moscow. It was the band’s only concert in Russia this year and it was part of the European Sheffield Tour 2000. This exclusive event was organized by the JSA promotion team.

Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of the concert in St. Petersburg, which was supposed to take place there the day before, the hall in Moscow was not completely filled with spectators, as expected (it was about 6,000 / capacity – 10,000). But the musicians nevertheless played the show with good energy, and the fans could enjoy the show and the rhythmic music. H.P.Baxxter and his team performed excellent new songs and all Scooter hits. A big wave of good techno-rave filled the Luzhniki Palace of Sports.

JSA thanks to Raising Auto Sport Club for supporting this event.
Note: Initially, two concerts were planned: one in St. Petersburg and the second in Moscow / Alexander Strizhak (JSA) agreed on this with Mikhail Shurygin (NCA). But for some reason, the NCA canceled its part for this case – the Scooter concert was not held in St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, we thank Mikhail Shurygin for the cooperation for this project.

Newspaper “Kommersant” №202 / 27.10.2000: Germans “shouted” at Muscovites / Scooter gave a concert in Luzhniki
Musical News Agency – InterMedia: Scooter in Luzhniki

Special thanks for the information support to the Internet portal ZVUKI.RU:
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Note about name “sheffield”:
– an industrial city in northern England, the name comes from the name of the river Sheaf. City is noted for the manufacture of cutlery and silverware and for the production of steel.

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