On September 6, 1997, as part of a large-scale celebration of the anniversary – 850 years since the founding of the city of Moscow on Vorobyovy (Sparrows) Hills, on the square in front of the main building of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, a unique show of the famous musician Jean Michel Jarre took place. This mega performance had two names: official from the Russian side “Moscow – Road to the XXI century” and creative name from the French production team “Oxygen in Moscow”

JSA took an active and broad part in the preparation and implementation of this biggest project not only in the capital of Russia, but in general in world practice.JSA initially had the status of supporting staging company, but in the course of the project became the main local technical partner for the production of this event. It was from participation in this case that JSA received recognition as one of the leading production and technical team, specializing in the organization of technical issues and production management.

JSA was responsible for a wide range of administrative and technical tasks for the project. A month before the start of the show, the company specially hired over 600 workers to carry out installation work and invited about 30 employees to perform administrative functions. In addition, it was for this show that the company bought its first set of stage structures Layher, intended for the construction of high towers for the installation of projection, light and sound equipment. Five towers were mounted (two 22 meters high, two 24 meters high and one 27 meters high) and about 12 additional small towers for sound delay lines.

The JSA worked closely with the artist’s production team led by producer Roger Abriol and his chief technical assistant, Michel Marseguerra. On administrative issues, the JSA management had communication with Jean Michel Jarra’s assistant – Fiona de Montagnac / today – Fiona Commins.

Big JSA team was involved in the installation of all structures, a technical campus, make-up tents, awning coverings, installation of security barriers, tower of staircase, supervised the installation of show equipments on the roof of the Moscow State University building, laying pipes for water, power supply cables, initial accreditation for personal, safety issues and cooperation with services security, works of cranes, forklifts, stagehands for unloading and loading equipment including set for show production, transport and courier issues and much more.

For the engineering and design work from the French side, STACCO was involved. JSA held with them constantly exchanged faxes and exchanged information on linking objects of the event to the area. Company ESS (Edwin Shirley Stage) was invited to install the big stage. JSA provided stage workers for the construction of this structure. Also for this event, JSA produced the first 100 meters of safety barriers for spectators (JSA Crowd Barriers) / the author of the development and creation of drawings was Alexander Strizhak. They were established as a second line to contain pressure from the audience.

At the same time with the production of the Jean Michel Jarre show, JSA took part in staging stage structures for another 10 different big events to celebrate the 850th anniversary of the city of Moscow.

The official promoter of the Jean Michel Jarra show on Vorobyovy Hills was a specially created company “Jubilee of the Capital”. Its president Artyom Borovik (*) and at the same time the owner and head of the publishing holding “Top Secret” was the general producer of the event. This significant event took place with the direct support of the Moscow City Duma, the Moscow City Hall and personally the Mayor of Moscow – Yuri Luzhkov. The project was supervised by Vice-Mayor Valery Shantsev and the Moscow Directorate for Mass Events, headed by Oleg Belikov and his assistant – Lyubov Babak. Below is a photo from the working meetings of Artyom Borovik, Anton Chukaev with representatives of the city administration and representatives of the Main Department of Police.

The JSA company was invited to work in the project as a local production company at the invitation of the executive director of the company “Jubilee of the Capital” – Anton Chukayev. He already had some experience with the JSA team and knew about Alexander Strizhak’s positive reputation for his work at the Michael Jackson concert at the Dynamo Stadium in Moscow a year earlier (September 17, 1996).

JSA would like especially gratitude to Anton Chukaev for the invitation and collaboration on this remarkable event. Special thanks to his assistant, head administrator of the company “Jubilee of the Capital” – Sergei Gorodnichy, for his support and solution of many difficult issues on this great project. And also many thanks to the administrator of the project from the company “Jubilee Stolitsy” – Yana Appazova (Gugunava) for good business communication with JSA.

In the photo below, Anton Chukaev (right) and Alexander Strizhak (left) – they are discussing some points of production.

For JSA, preparations for the event began six months before its start, the main work moments and active actions began three months before, and the arrival for the installation work took place a month before the show date. All project participants successfully and on time coped with the preparation tasks and management issues. On the morning of September 06, 1997, everything was ready for the start of the mega-show in the evening.

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Below is the official promo-flyer about the event issued by the “Jubilee of the Capital” company for distribution to guests and sponsors who came to the exclusive show of the famous composer and performer Jean Michel Jarra in honor of the anniversary day of the city of Moscow.

Below additional bonus materials: original drawings of Layher Allround Scaffolding towers by STACCO and drawings of big stage by ESS. These are scanned versions from fax sheets / at that time the Internet was not yet distributed and there was no correspondence via email.

(*) Artyom Borovik
Artyom Borovik died at the age of 40 on March 9, 2000 as a result of a mysterious plane crash when taking off from Sheremetyevo airport, in Yak-40 plane Moscow-Kiev flight.
R.I.P and bright memory … JSA always remembers ….

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