February 14, Valentine’s Day in Moscow on the Sparrow Hills hosted the final stage of the Freestyle World Cup in ski acrobatics. And on March 7, before International Women’s Day, the final of the Snowboard (in Big Air) World Cup was held.

Especially for these international competitions and commissioned by the New League agency specializing in sports shows, JSA has once again built the large “iron mountain”.

As usual, the structure of Tramplin was assembled from elements Layher Allround Scaffolding System. According to its technical characteristics, this slide ramp meets the best international standards, and is somewhat improved compared to the one last year. The height of launch platforms was 48 meters, the length was about 120 meters, the width of the stingray area was 30 meters / the angle of the acceleration mountain was 24 degrees, the touchdown zone was 33 degrees. The safety zone on the sides of the springboard was also increased, and the protective mats were removed so as to ensure maximum safety for all participants in the event. Installation of the entire structure took a little more than one month.

Between the two competitions it was necessary to rebuild a part of the structure, since snowboard and freestyle require different angles inrun and points for kicker blocks.

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