On June 17, 2002, at the Petrovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg, Rammstein concert was held. The popular german band was did his energy fire-music performance within the separate part of the European Festival Tour 2002 and as a continuation of last year’s tour in support of his the successful Mutter album. JSA delivered from Moscow and installed the big stage for this show.

The design of stage was mounted on the basis of Layher Systems (Allround Scaffolding and Cassette Roof). Sizes: front – 30 meters / depth – 20 meters / height – 15 meters. Additionally JSA installed on football field a safety public barriers – about 240 meters.

The musicians started the show a little late, but in the end the concert went well and the fans audience took great emotion from it. The event took place (russian name – militsiya) without any incident and the police keep calm.

After the scandalous cancellation of the Moscow concert on airfield Tushino, allegedly due to the threat of riots, special attention was riveted to the Rammstein show on stadium in Sankt Petersburg as the only one in Russia this season. JSA was also supposed to provide a stage for this Moscow show of Rammstein and, according to Alexander Strizhak, the fears of the city authorities were in vain and unduly overly cautious. Promoter of both concerts Ed Ratnikov from T.C.I agency was forced to cancel this big show under pressure.The concert in St. Petersburg showed that fears for the riots were in vain and the cancellation of the concert in Moscow was an excessive measure. Militsiya on Petrovsky Stadium even looked a little disappointed: helmets and shields were not useful.

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