THE ROLLING STONES – ONE DAY 20 YEARS AGO! “Bridges to Babylon” in Moscow with the support of JSA.

On August 13, 1998 the Rolling Stones gave a great show in Moscow. This was the first visit to Russia in the history of famous musicians. The long-awaited coming  of band to the country was made during the legendary world tour – Bridges to Babylon 97-98. It was the greatest event for true fans of the Rolling Stones creativity and just lovers of real live rock music. The organizer of the concert was the Moscow company Silence Pro. JSA Stage Company was invited to work for this event, as company by local production and support of staging.

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JSA & “The Sky With Diamonds” movie

Filmmaker Vasiliy Pichul was died. R.I.P.
(June 15, 1961 — July 26, 2015).

This is sad news for us. The JSA had a positive experience with Vasili and his team on the set of the film “The Sky With Diamonds” (Небо в Алмазах). We have built many original designs from an elements of Layher and aluminium trusses. It was an interesting project with a creative atmosphere in work together with the film crew.

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The Big Layher Design in Moscow

In the autumn of 2009, a large pavilion structure was established in Moscow on Mira Avenue. It was used a few months for the restoration works of the famous monument of the Soviet time – Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (sculptor Vera Mukhina). This construction consisted of the three systems – Layher Allround Scaffolding, Layher Cassette Roof and Layher Protect. The modern beautiful “building” had: width – 25 m / length – about 50 m / wall height: one part 21 m, the second part – 27 m. A crane could work inside the pavilion under the roof – lifting the multi-ton parts of the monument.

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