JSA & “The Sky With Diamonds” movie

Filmmaker Vasiliy Pichul was died. R.I.P.
(June 15, 1961 — July 26, 2015).

This is sad news for us. The JSA had a positive experience with Vasili and his team on the set of the film “The Sky With Diamonds” (Небо в Алмазах). We have built many original designs from an elements of Layher and aluminium trusses. It was an interesting project with a creative atmosphere in work together with the film crew.

Most episodes were filmed at the fountain “Friendship of Peoples” (version by Stalin’s period) at the exhibition center VDNH (ВДНХ) – the symbol of Soviet achievements, but in real it was a “bright pictures” of the phantom by the USSR. The beginning, the plot moments and the ending of the movie took place against the background of the constructions of Layher that were built JSA. Working in such a project was a new and prestigious event for a young company.

Director Vasiliy Pichul, famous to viewers by his movie “Little Vera”, which threw open the doors to a new sexual frankness in Soviet cinematography. And also about the hidden problems of soviet society and the conflict of generations in recent years before the collapse of the communist empire. In 1988,  “Little Vera” took the FIPRESCI award at the International Film Festival in Venice (Italy).

Pichul’s last movie with a public resonance – “The Sky With Diamonds” was released in October of 1999 and showed the portrait of the new Russia but with the old face.

This post-perestroika movie about lives in Russia 90s. Film was shot in phantasmagoric style and tells the story of deformation personalities of people which emerged from the era of the communism and who met real capitalism. Filmmaker in the end of story showed that Russia has not changed – the people were cogs in the system and stay now also; the Kremlin mutated and put on the attractive mask but inside has stay the same.

Filming took place in 1998 (in August of this year in Russia there was a deep economic crisis)

Vasiliy Pichul was born on June 15, 1961 in the port city of Mariupol on the Azov Sea, Ukraine. Now it is a frontline city in the Donetsk region near the zone activity of the pro-Russian military formations.

The signature of Director is in additional list to the letter of cultural figures of the Russian Federation to Putin about the support of the occupation of the Crimea. But in our opinion this was some unexpected and strange action of person a year before death from the lung cancer.

The views of critics and fans of creation by director may not coincide with our position.

These pictures depicting design of Layher constructions for filming are published for the first time.

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