THE ROLLING STONES – ONE DAY 20 YEARS AGO! “Bridges to Babylon” in Moscow with the support of JSA.

On August 13, 1998 the Rolling Stones gave a great show in Moscow. This was the first visit to Russia in the history of famous musicians. The long-awaited coming  of band to the country was made during the legendary world tour – Bridges to Babylon 97-98. It was the greatest event for true fans of the Rolling Stones creativity and just lovers of real live rock music. The organizer of the concert was the Moscow company Silence Pro. JSA Stage Company was invited to work for this event, as company by local production and support of staging.

It was our third strong job in the big project of a world star of high level (before was: Michael Jackson – 1996 and Jean Michel Jarre -1997). We successfully coped with our task and our team outstripped all working schedules of production. We were lucky enough to work on this project with Jake Berry – an outstanding personality in this business.  From the side of JSA worked about 500 people including the team: staff of managing, scaffolders, stagehands and crew for all local services of technical and other matters.

During the preparation and installation works there was a lot of new and interesting for our team. There were also amusing moments: In russia there was at that time no professional cover for the stadium fields and had to get out of the situation. Especially remembered “Plywood Madness” – the project used a lot of plywood to cover the treadmills and other areas. “Bridges to Babylon” – for a young company this was a great experience and became the next bridge to professional life in the future!

Special thanks: JSA Team  of that period (especial – Natsha Korchagina (Lukianova), Natasha Kozmina, Andrey Sukharev, Mikhail Kapnik, Alexander Gunyaev, Igor Vereshchagin, Marek Spindovsky and many others

Below you can see the exclusive archive photos from this project. All photos published here are the property of Alexander Szrizhak and stored in the archive of the JSA Stage Company. Most of them were published for the first time.

So, you are one of the first – join us!

P.S.As we learned later – the project was not very simple: the promoter had many unexpected problems (external challenges) in the course of implementation, but on the result of the Great Show was done.

By the way, at the finale the Artists left and continue their tour. But just a week later in Russia there was a financial collapse and it was already a new “serious show”.