JSA for Eurovision – 2009 in Moscow

Prolyte Supports Eurovision Green Room

Who hasn’t seen the Eurovision song contest competitors nervously biting their nails in the green room while waiting for the results? Have you looked further? The setting of the Green Room was based on a combination of Layher and Prolyte equipment, provided by JSA Stage Company, Moscow.

The largest show in the history of the competition was held on May 16 in Moscow. The show had an unprecedented technological complexity, created by the interaction of a team of Russian and foreign producers and technicians.

At the invitation of the organizers of the competition, staging specialist JSA provided the Layher construction on which the stage design was based, advised closely by Layher experts. The Green Room construction – used to house the delegations – was based on a Prolyte truss and towers. More Prolyte truss was used for the Fuerza Bruta interval act, whereby huge overhead suspended swimming pools were lowered over the audience during the act, creating a spectacular effect. Huge forces, resulting from both the water, the suspended foil, and the impact of falling and sliding dancers, provided no problem for the Prolyte truss frames.

All in all the complete installation for the show lasted about a month, using 3000 tons of equipment, delivered in 150 trucks. Including other truss brands, 900 suspension points and over 650m of Prolyte truss were used for this show.

Due to expert planning and coordination by a team of both JSA and Procon crew, the load-out took just two days. JSA president Alexander Strizhak stated: “We are proud of this latest accomplishment, to facilitate this huge event. Not only have we gained new experiences and capabilities, but also, we have been able to show we can work on an international level. The combined force of high quality and reliable materials and efficient and trained crew makes JSA fit to support these kinds of events.”

In picture: Alexander Strizhak (left) with the JSA team on-site in Moscow.