One Year before the start of the Winter Olympic Games!

On February 7, at The Big (Bolshoy) Ice Palace in Sochi, there was a ceremony-show – devoted to the presentation of the countdown start of days exactly one year before the start of the main sporting event.

For this unique event, JSA company constructed the main objects for the show on the arena in the Ice Palace, which capacity is 12,000 spectators.

JSA installed about 1000 square meters of the basic design for back decoration (with the use of above 500 meters of truss Prolyte and Layher scaffolding), and the construction turned out to be one-fifth of the main sectors for the grandstand. Also, JSA built the main stage of the ceremony and the second stage for the Big Orchestra (by using Layher Event Systems).

The basis of the show was a huge video projection of the ice field and scenery based on the structure by JSA. The ice show of the Sports Arena was adorned by the show of young skaters and pupils of the famous figure skater Ilya Averbukh (director of the show), while the musical accompaniment was done by the Young Talents orchestra conducted by Yuri Bashmet. Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge said their official welcome speeches and started a countdown. The ceremonial event ended with fireworks in the Olympic Park. The event was broadcast by First Channel Russia.

The note about this event in the magazine IQ (issue 46)

“Providing a stark reminder that the London Olympics are not the only sports event that can benefit production companies, JSA constructed the main objects for a show in the 12,000-capacity Bolshoy Ice Palace, in the Russian city of Sochi, to mark the one-year countdown to the 2014 Winter Olympics. More than €13 billion has reportedly been allocated to the Games’ budget and during the lavish 7 February ceremony, JSA’s stages hosted the likes of Russian president Vladimir Putin and president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge.”