Blackmore’s Night performed at the Moscow Youth Palace (capacity 1800) on October 10 and 11, 2003. Both days were a good event for the rock music lovers – the legend Ritchie Blackmore and his band again arrived in Moscow. This visit and concerts were organized by the team of JSA Promoter.

The famous guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, a former member of the bands Deep Purple and Rainbow this event in the capital of Russia opened his European tour in support of the new album – Ghost of a Rose.

Each concert lasted about two hours – the set list included songs from the new album and previous hits, already known from last year’s concert. Ritchie also gave present for public several rock musical moments. On both evenings, the audience called Blackmore’s Night persistently and loudly for an encore. And when the band were returning on stage, the audience, driven by a common impulse, standing up from their seats and sang jointly song “We Sing Together” like hymn.

In general, the second visit of Blackmore’s Night in Moscow went great. The musicaneis were pleased and after shows Ritchie Blackmore willingly talked with fans and gave his autographs.

The concerts was held with the support of the distributor of musical products – the company Group SOYUZ (UNION). The JSA Promoter team through a network of SOYUZ stores, conducted a good advertising campaign for this event.

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– Blackmore’s Night will open the European tour with two concerts in Moscow
– Ritchie Blackmore could not “without a woman”, although he was asked

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– BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Two Nights in a good company

Official Press Release – JSA COMPANY REPRESENTS:
Blackmore’s Night electric / acoustic tour 2003 October 10-11, Moscow, Moscow Youth Palace

Blackmore’s Night – MDM, Moscow, Russia – Special Report (10.10.03):

“…One can not help but say a few kind words to JSA. The following should be recalled. Until 2002, the arrival of Ritchie Blackmore was canceled several times due to reasons related to domestic promoters who wanted to organize a performance with numerous violations of contractual obligations. After several attempts, the manager of Blackmore became very cautious about the idea of ​​coming to our country.

The 2002 concert in Luzhniki was a huge success for JSA, which showed that there are companies in Russia that can organize the arrival of stars of any level. And the fact that in 2003 the JSA was able to organize such a holiday again suggests that a beaten track has formed for the musicians in our country, which they can use in the future. Many thanks to JSA for this. In the end, I would like to note that the music of the group has won many new fans.”

JSA Promoter team thanks the author for kind words to us from this good detailed report about the second concerts visit of Blackmore’s Night in Russia.


P.S. In this travel case contains the guitar of the legendary musician Ritchie Blackmore!

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