The Review article about staging business, including the case of JSA Europe in a new reality.

The magazine AUDIENCE – Issue 186 / July 2015

Supplying the base from which artists greet and entertain their audiences, staging companies bear both the literal and figurative weight of live shows, including complex logistics and the safety of the performers and crew.

Christopher Barrett reports.

…New start

Focussed largely in northeastern Europe, JSA Staging Company has had to face more challenges than the average operation in the past year.

It opened its headquarters in Moscow in 1996 with branches following in St.-Petersburg, Kyiv (Ukraine), and Riga (Latvia).

Last spring JSA closed its operations in Russia due to its owner Alexander Strizhak opposing the Russian military aggression in Ukraine. Warehouses were closed and staff dismissed before Strizhak left Russia for Ukraine.

The past year has been spent restructuring the company and the number of live music shows has been minimal due to the conflict in the region.

“It’s hard to start a new big business at this time, but we are preparing for better times. The first step has been re-opening the office in Riga, filling the warehouse with structures and equipment and the creation of a new professional team,” says Strizhak.

“Ukraine has great potential for development and we will form a new market for staging and professional services for the live industry. “We are optimistic that demand for our services will increase.”

While the business takes time out to reform and re-launch, Strizhak says it is a good opportunity to set aside time to closely analyze the causes of structural failures around the world.

“European regulations, particularly CDM [Construction Design and Management] regulations do not apply to Ukraine yet, but we have our standards and we do everything possible to guarantee safety,” Strizhak explains. “We use certified professional equipment, tools, and reliable constructions from famous producers.”

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