This year, the first news from JSA is related to Ukraine (*). It is positive information for those who are engaged in the construction, restoration, and repair of buildings and structures in Ukraine. It has been a year since the Layher plant from Germany, the manufacturer of the world’s best scaffolding systems, opened an official representative office in Ukraine. This happened thanks to our long-time strategic partners – a subsidiary of Layher Baltic / Managing Director – Viktor Vorontsov. Despite all the difficulties of the current military situation, there are official Layher plant representatives in Ukraine now.

Address: Lviv, Evgeniy Petrushevich Square 5
Call: +380685577047
Email: info@layherua.com
Internet page in Ukrainian:
Layher – Це Світовий Лідер у Виробництві Систем Риштування.

JSA is glad that this representative office has been opened, as we have been Layher’s business partner for about 30 years in the promotion and sales of the company’s products – scaffolding systems and especially structures for the event industry. Additionally, since 2007, after the opening of JSA’s Ukraine branch, we have done a lot of work to promote Layher products in the local market. We thank everyone who has collaborated with us over the years. Our main customers were from the entertainment industry. Currently, due to the war, this activity is not relevant, but we believe that the stages purchased through us will still be in demand.

Shortly, Ukraine will need, first of all, scaffolding to restore the country – the construction and restoration of buildings, bridges, and infrastructure. We wish success to the new Layher team in Ukraine!

However, we are still in touch and ready to communicate with old and new clients. JSA is part of the larger Layher team and always uses Layher systems in its business. By agreement with Layher Baltic, based on our experience and having many contacts, we will support our colleagues in Ukraine in their professional activities.

You can contact us as before at this email address: Layher@JSA-stage.com


Эта новость на русском и украинском языках:

(*) The armed aggression from Putin’s Russia is going on in Ukraine. At the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, alarming news about missile attacks on peaceful cities comes from Ukraine. Unfortunately, the big war in Ukraine, started by the Kremlin on February 24, 2022, is still ongoing.

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