Shakira’s Show in Tbilisi, Georgia

December 23, 2007 singer Shakira gave her show in Tbilisi. This was her first visit to Georgia. The performance took place on a large open area on the banks of the Kura River, not far from the historical center and near the Presidential Palace. According to local police, there were more than 350,000 spectators / the entrance was free. Now this place is divided into a city park and a new concert hall Rhike was built.

The event was unique, JSA received a request to organize full technical support 10 days before the date of the show. The full Production Set was delivered by airplanes from Riga (Latvia) and Kiev (Ukraine). It was necessary to combine the possibilities of delivery (the weight of the load) – deliver a minimum of equipment and at the same time in order to maximally meet the needs of the artist’s performance.

All the days of the montage and the show day was blowing strong and cold wind into the stage’s face.

© All photos are copyright by JSA Stage Company.

A small set of unique photos from this concert (unfortunately, some pictures are not of high quality)

© All photos are copyright by JSA Stage Company.

Such a large-scale concert was made for the first time in Georgia / here the Rose Revolution has just been. After a long period of “criminal” instability, democratic forces came to power and were about to start a change for the better.

We are proud to was able to be useful at this moment and have done our professional work well.

Special thanks to the promoter of the project Tatiana Dalskaya, the technical company Sendy (Ukraine) and Gee Ilze Eriņa (freelance / production manager).

Teams from JSA Europe, JSA Moscow and JSA Ukraine worked in the project.