On December 11, 2023, a meeting took place between Georg Layher, the managing partner of the Layher plant, and Alexander Strizhak, the managing director of JSA Europe. The meeting was also attended by Asteris Koutoulas, JSA’s business partner, and co-founder of the FLEXODROM project, and assistant translator Maria Strizhak. The meeting was dedicated to resuming work on the FLEXODROM project and discussing ways of cooperation in the new business conditions.

The first presentation of “FLEXODROM” took place almost four years ago, at the end of November 2019. The same team arrived at the Layher plant and presented Georg Layher with a unique project for installing temporary structures for events, entirely based on Layher systems. The idea of the project was accepted as innovative and promising for implementation, and the actions of the team members to implement it received the support of the plant. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, the project was postponed for two years. Then, the war of Putin’s Russia in Ukraine also had a negative impact on the possibility of returning to the implementation of the FLEXODROM project.

However, in the spring of 2023, Asteris Koutoulas and Alexander Strizhak found an opportunity to resume their activity and were able to return to this important and interesting project. During this time, the JSA team and project supporters carried out a lot of preparatory work, creating basic drawings, thinking through logistics and design for the structures, and much more. Asteris Koutoulas held many business meetings with potential clients and partners. Therefore, the current meeting had a more practical nature, discussing issues of interaction and support by the plant for the actions of the FLEXODROM team in the near future.

In addition, some issues of cooperation between Layher and JSA at the present stage of the company’s activities were discussed. Business relations between the companies began back in 1997, with the purchase by JSA of the first Layher set for the Jean Michel Jarre show – “Oxygen in Moscow”. And from 1999 to 2009, JSA was Layher’s exclusive partner for the sale and promotion of the plant’s products in the Russian market.

During the negotiations, Alexander Strizhak thanked Georg Layher for supporting the JSA company during the restoration of its business in a new location and in difficult conditions after the outbreak of war. He noted separately the friendly actions of Victor Voroncov from the Layher Baltic division, Veronica Taranu from the Layher Romania division, as well as Bernd Wuerth, head of the Layher export sales department. Alexander Strizhak noted that this is a good sign of confidence in JSA, based on past experience of cooperation and activity shown this season. JSA, as before, builds its business on the use of Layher system products in the stage sector. A special point in the conversation was the mention of JSA’s use of the latest Layher TwixBeam product in stage productions.

The two-hour conversation was positive and ended with wishes for success in the New Year. After the meeting, the FLEXODROM delegation went to inspect the Layher Products Exhibition Hall, where they found many interesting solutions for creating stages and other temporary structures. Below, you can see an overview photo report from the Layher “showroom.”

For news about the first meeting at the Layher plant regarding the presentation of the FLEXODROME project on November 20, 2019, please see here:

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