The “revolutionary” sports show took place on November 19, in Moscow, on the Vasilyevsky Slope (Russian: Vasilyevsky Spusk) on the Red Square near the Kremlin walls. The “revolutionaries” were armed with powerful equipment – Ski-Doo snowscoot. The event became history as the Red Bull Revolution On Machines. That evening at 17.00, the historical square shuddered from the deafening roar of engines: it was the beginning of the freestyle motocross competition on snowscoots.

JSA company was the main organizational and technical contractor for this bright and unusual event. Our team started assembling the structure on the Vasilyevsky Spusk of Red Square on November 14, five days before the start of the unique event. At the walls of the Kremlin and the foot of the Church of the Intercession were installed steep ramps, springboards, platforms necessary for extreme stunts, and towers for placing powerful spotlights, lighting, and sound equipment. The central tower, over 24 meters high, was installed not far from the famous symbol of the Kremlin – the Spasskaya Tower.

The event name was not coined by chance: it is indeed a revolutionary idea to move the traditional winter event to the city center. Unfortunately, at the end of November of this year, the snow did not fall in Moscow, and it was impossible to make a large amount of snow in a specially-built Box because of the warm weather. JSA specifically installed a Layher scaffold structure for this purpose. The “magic” cube walls were covered with special Layher Protection panels. This made it possible to give the technical structure an attractive high-tech look. This design attracted the attention of tourists and guests who came to see Red Square.

But this did not help either – snow machines and French specialists that were invited for this purpose could not create artificial snow even under these conditions. Therefore, a non-standard strong-willed decision was taken: to hold the competition on the scheduled date despite the current problem. To enable this, it was necessary to cover the competition area and the springboards with a thick layer of special sawdust (chips of tree bark) mixed with the ground. The JSA team had to deal also with this non-staging task. Despite the short deadlines for completing this work, the JSA succeeded, and the athletes even had time to train the day before.

The spectacular show “Red Bull Revolution on Machines” was presented in Russia for the first time. The organizers of the extreme event already had rich experience in preparing for such competitions. For several years now, the super-extreme Red Bull Fuel & Fury competition has been successfully held in the USA. All the “stars” of this popular show came to Moscow, including the legendary Jay Quinlan, the star of the backflip (back somersault) on a snowmobile. By the way, only three people in the world have performed such a trick before, and two of them were in Moscow on the competition tracks near St. Basil’s Cathedral. Masters who also took part in the snowscoot jumps competition were Justin Hoyer, Daniel Bodin, Chris Burandt, Ross Mercer, and others.

And some more words about the revolutionary things on this day:

Previously, nobody could even think that in such a sport as freestyle, you could jump on a heavy machine weighing 300 kg on a ramp. But this time, a REVOLUTION ON MACHINES was made near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. The graceful Ski-Doo snowmobiles proved that this is possible. “Crazy” American, Canadian, and Swedish thrill-seekers successfully showed it in the center of the Russian Capital thanks to the sponsor of the event – drinks company – Red Bull. A unique show with unrealistic and exciting stunts, spotlights, rhythmic music, and powerful energy gathered many fans of extreme sports.

JSA, as the most reputable company in the special projects field and shows, except for the installation of temporary structures, managed the production of this show. All work was carried out in cooperation with a Finnish agency ELÄMYSTAIKURIT that specializes in organizing such events.

“An event of this difficult level is being held for the first time in Russia. The contract for providing technical production for this project is evidence of the recognition of the company’s professionalism by foreign promoters of this cool show,” said Alexander Strizhak.

In the photo below, Alexander Strizhak – the owner and managing director of JSA, and Markku Mantymaa from the event agency ELÄMYSTAIKURIT (Finland) – the chief production manager of the extreme sports show “Red Bull / Revolution on Machines” on Vasilyevsky Spusk on the Red Square in Moscow.

Below are some of the best shots of SKI-DOO snowscoot jumps taken during exhibitions and competitions:

Additionally, here are some temporary structures specially designed for this event by JSA using elements from the Layher systems (Allround, Event, and Protect). Office block, judging room, and DJ box – in the photo below:

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