PENTRU PRIMA DATA IN SALA PALATULUI (BUCURESTI). For the first time, on April 21, 2024, innovative trusses [TPM] by SIXTY82 were used in Romania. This happened at the concert of the popular singer Lara Fabian at the famous Bucharest Concert Hall SALA PALATULUI. Special black stage trusses of the TPM29SMB series with a beam in the middle of one side of the truss arrived in the capital of Romania a week before the start of installation. This is the first set of SIXTY82 products that JSA has supplied to the Romanian market. The buyer was the technical division of the local company Sens Music.

See more information about the TPM series trusses in the PDF brochure here:


The promoters of Lara Fabian’s concerts in Chisinau (Moldova), Bucharest and Cluj with the participation of the first set of SIXTY82 farms in Romania were BisConcert and Sens Music

JSA Europe is the official distributor of SIXTY82 products. We sell stage trusses, modular podiums, roof systems, screen structures, sound and light towers and more for your business in the live music and event industry. After the tragic events that began on February 24, 2022, we stopped sales in Ukraine, but we continued to sell SIXTY82 products in Latvia.

However, given the negative impacts of the war and the various circumstances associated with it, JSA found new opportunities to expand its business activities. The company is currently developing its business in Romania and collaborating with companies in neighboring Moldova.

SIXTY82 is still a new brand to the local market and we hope that we can build on our success in selling quality innovative products from our long-time Dutch partners.

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