The new producer of trusses and stages – SIXTY82 started only on March 1 this year, and shortly thereafter in mid-April made a public presentation at the Prolight + Sound 2018. The booth of SIXTY82 was built using some of its products to create a Beer Pub imitation. Complete with a bar offering SIXTY82 beer, there were negotiation places and a full range of examples of products offered.

This area was a suitable atmosphere for employees of a new company to welcome their new customers. This hospitality reflected the friendly, accessible nature of the company, whose team enjoys credibility with past work in this sector and puts customer service at the forefront of its activities.

The booth was constantly filled with customers during all four days of the exhibition. On the second day in the end, the company arranged a party at there with the performance of a live band, where there were many new and “old” people from the industry, thereby publicly celebrating its entry into the market.

The company officially launched a new mobile application “Sixty App”, which allows users to instantly receive both unique 3D images of elements, and general information about the origin and safe use of the products of the system. This became possible with the use of unique personalizers “Sixty Tag” of each component, obtained with the RFID tag.

“With some of the most experienced and reliable people in the world involved in the production and use of products, we were very pleased to be in this year’s Prolight + Sound,” said Fokko Smeding, CEO and creator of the new SIXTY82 brand. “Our passion has always been to supply the industry with safe, well-thought-out products. We have focused on the introduction of new technologies, which in a short time will become an industry standard and provide our clients with confidence and security. “

The new manufacturer became the embodiment of the innovative concept of the legendary personality of Fokko Smeding, who started in the early 90s in cooperation with Martin Kuiper in the creation of Eurotruss, and then founded and made his own successful company Prolyte Group. At that time (since 2003) JSA Stage Company had a long and fruitful cooperation in selling Prolyte Products products and Prolyft winches in the Russian and Ukrainian markets.  Owner and CEO of JSA Europe – Alexander Strizhak was invited as a welcome guest to the premiere of the new company and had positive friendly communication with members of the new team SIXTY82, who were good acquaintances from past joint activities in business.

We wish the new Brand on the market – success, achievements, and good luck in big sales.

More information about the company can be found here:

Below are some photos from the exhibition including booths: SIXTY82, Prolyte Group, and Eurotruss, and photos by Alexander Strizhak and Fokko Smeding