“Supporting Stars” – the overview article about the world staging industry.

The magazine AUDIENCE/issue 211, August 2017
Report by Christopher Barrett.
Including a note about us:


“With its head office in Riga, Latvia, JSA Europe operates across the region and last year saw it resume business in Ukraine after a quiet two years due to the tumultuous political situation.

This year JSA worked on the Eurovision Song Contest in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, it also worked on the 7,000-capacity rock festival Dunaiska Sich (Rock over the Danube) in Izmail where acts including TaRuta, Haydamaky, Druzhe Muzyko, and Ocheretyanyi Kit performed.

“The Eurovision Song Contest project was a great opportunity for us to show the market that the company is alive and can still provide a good service,” says the founder of JSA Europe Alexander Strizhak.

“The Ukrainian market is starting to recover and we have a lot of work lined up for next year; a lot of new festivals are opening in different regions.” The company, which began working in Ukraine 10 years ago, is now looking to begin designing and constructing trusses, stage decks, podiums, and barriers in the country, together with local manufacturer Alviss Stages.

That demonstrates the can-do attitude of specialist staging companies, which have learned to constantly adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the game and meet their clients’ ever-more imaginative dreams.”

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P.S. This is a good gift for the birthday of the JSA Stage Company
(was founded on September 17, 1996).