20 years after the mega-show by Jean-Michel Jarre “Oxygen in Moscow”

“The road to the 21st century” was the official name of the department of culture of the city.
September 6, 1997 / The Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) / Area in front of the main building of Moscow State University and all adjacent streets. According to official statistics, there were about 3.5000.000 viewers at the Show.
JSA Stage Company was the local production company of this great event. We attracted about 600 workers (management team, scaffolders, stagehands, courier drivers) for that project.

Responsibilities of the company included a large spector of works – support for installation of the main stage was from the ESS, installation of five big towers for projectors (height 27 meters), 30 towers for light and sound, VIP zone (500 seats), seating area (2000 seats), security fasts, crash barriers, working camp, tent structures, generators, electricity, a large staircase, transport, accreditation, loaders, coordination of works and much more. It was two months of hard work and in the end, all were successful.

Alexander Strizhak give an interview about this event for the Internet Edition “Afisha Daily” (08.09.2017) in a review article dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the celebration of large-scale events of the 850th anniversary of Moscow at the beginning of September 1997.

You can read the full text in the Russian language here.
Thanks to young journalist Vitaly Mihailuk, he remembered this and found a connection with Alexander Strizhak.