On September 2, the long-awaited concert of musician Max Korzh took place in Riga (Latvia). The Belarusian singer, popular among young people, dropped out of touring for several years – at first Covid was an obstacle, and then Korzh spoke out against the war and declared that he could not sing about “Zhit’ V Kaif” (Life Is Good) – that was the name of one of his famous albums – when the lives every day are taken away. About 35 thousand spectators gathered at the Daugava stadium. The concert ended on a minor note – with an anti-war song with the words “He is right who protects his home”.

Having outlined an anti-war position at the beginning of the concert, few expected that Max Korzh would call on his audience to shout “No war!” It was not the most harmonious and confident cry, after all, the rap musician has a different audience, many wrote to him “Enough with politics,” but it became clear that the musician himself decided to speak out unambiguously.

“Don’t trust anyone: Belarusians are normal people”
“What did they do to us, what kind of crap did they drag us into… I don’t care where you will be, even in Australia, it’s important for me that you all are alive,” he shouted from the stage. “Guys, don’t change, stay human.” We’ll come up with something, we’ll break through. When it’s all over, you’ll all come to me in Belarus…”

However, the main factor was the joy of fans who came from different countries to hear their favorite performer after a long break. The artist’s show was technologically advanced and large-scale. The production management of the technical and organizational parts of the project was carried out by JSA Europe. The head of production management at this event was Arnis Grinbergs / JSA Project Production Manager

The company also took over staging for this event. An original design stage was installed for the artist’s iconic show, FOH, a platform (stage B) in the center of the field and six sound-light towers 16m high. All structures were built from elements of Layher systems (front width of the complex – 48 m). There was also used Prolyte ST roof system  (20m x 14m / height 14m).

In addition, 24 pieces of Layher TwixBeams (various lengths) were used in the stage construction for rigging and supports. These are the power elements – the latest products from the Layher plant. They are made of aluminum, so they are lightweight and easy to install, but at the same time, they are reliable and can withstand heavy loads. See more information about this here:

Layher TwixBeams in the structure of the Stage for Max Korzh concert.

To allow the artist to exit “from inside” the stage, an original staircase made from Layher elements was specially designed. It was installed after the main installation of equipment before the start of the show. Before this, for safety, the floor surface of the stage platform had to be completely covered with decks. Also, in the left corner of the stage, a recess was “cut out” for sound engineers. They and the monitor console were located a meter below the stage floor level.

Despite the periodic rain, the audience enjoyed the performance of their favorite singer and supported his anti-war position. During the performance, Max Korzh sang the song “My Home” with the words: “…Spring is crying, Ukraine is burning, the world has not changed – the world is like that. Hey, brother, bye, who knows where we will be? He is right who defends his home …”. JSA Europe is proud to have been involved in the production of this concert.

Promoter of the Max Korzh concert in Riga – SIA OLMA (LLC)
Chief Production Manager – Arnis Grinbergs (JSA Europe)
We thank the members of the Max Korzh team for their teamwork and cooperation in implementing this event in Riga.

Additional technical information:

  • Lights and Rigging: More than 300 lighting fixtures and more than 80 chain hoists supplied by Company NA.
  • Sound: More than 120 pcs of Vertec cabinets and processing supplied by Universal Baltic Sound as well 32 pcs of K1 and 24 pcs KS28 plus FIOH, monitor Mix equipment and stage side fills as well K3 system for Stage “B” supplied by SSG.
  • LED screens are more than 700 m2. media servers and Video processing supplied by Pro 1 Stage.
  • Video Live Shooting, 16 cameras, 2 cranes, 2 drones supplied by 4.Vara.
  • Live recording with more than 20 mics all over the audience provided by SIA 3S.
  • Special FX – 24 Co2 jets supplied by DJ Rent company
    Pyro mines, mortars, sparks, and fireworks are supplied by International Fireworks Design.
  • Power plant including 8 generators with a total power of 2,2MW supplied by Storent.
  • More than 800m of barriers (mojo type) supplied by Fosa Art.
  • Event Security service provided by SIA Defender.
  • Auxiliary crew (scaffolders) from HOTREMA
  • A team of forklift operators
  • Crew Catering provided by SIA Nezlamni.

We thank everyone who helped us to enable this concert to take place!


© All photos are copyrighted by JSA Stage Company.