Production management service of JSA Europe

JSA Europe is a world-class production company specializing in organizing, planning, and successful execution of large-scale events such as concerts, shows, and stage performances. Based in Riga, Latvia, the company was established to provide the highest quality production services to European and Russian markets.

Our parent company, JSA, is the leader in providing staging and technical support for concerts and shows on the Russian territory. Since its establishment in 1996, JSA organized and successfully carried out projects for various federal and regional organizations, cities, marketing, advertising, and PR agencies both domestic and foreign, TV Channels, radio stations, and major corporations.

Over the years, we have worked as a local production team with:

Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Blackmore’s Night, Roxette, Pet Shop Boys, Guano Apes, Muse, Scooter, Ken Hensley, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Madonna…

Armed with such valuable experience, JSA took a step forward to bringing the gap between European and Russian markets by establishing JSA Europe.

JSA’s presence on European territory gives our clients many advantages. Our offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Riga make for quicker access, ease of communication, better coverage, and most importantly exceptional results.

For both domestic and foreign clients, JSA stands for reliability and quality. Our professional team guarantees the exact implementation of even the most difficult projects in the field of staging performances, concerts, and shows.

JSA Europe brings together events of all sizes managing budgets specification and bidding, as well as design, installation, and labor.

We can manage a complete production or any part of it whatever meets your needs.

Our decades of successful working relationships with both union and nonunion personnel allow us to locate and deploy the best people in venues across the country and we handle the paperwork. We help clients maximize their budgets by coordinating the activities of all the players, including the designers; production managers and technical supervisors; equipment providers; and crew.

JSA Europe supplies the people and skills you need for any \ assignment on any size event, anywhere in the country.

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