JSA took a worthy place among professionals in the PRODUCTION 100 (2015).

JSA Stage Company was included in the list of the top 10 worldwide winners companies in the section “Staging & Rigging” of the “PRODUCTION 100” in issue 2015. (Special print edition by IQ-Magazine)

Many thanks to the professional community for the trust and high appreciation of our work in the live music industry!!! Also thanks for understanding our decision to a temporary break from the business and for your moral support to us in this forced case.



Stages are playing an increasingly central role in show production…

While the majority of stages are stilt simple raised platforms for acts to use as performance spaces at the pinnacle of the business stages have taken on much more significance in show production Spectaculars such as U2’s 360′ tour and Robbie Williams Take the Crown stadium tour, as well as festivals like Tomorrowland have used stages as an integral part of show creativity, while trapdoors. Kabukis and motorized elements have become more common as act up the ante to meet fan expectations.

Designing complex staging systems in such a way that crews can quickly build and disassemble them has become a highly specialized part of the industry. But our voting professionals also recognize the essential role that riggers play in making those artistic visions come to fruition and this year’s top ten staging and rigging companies include debutants Knight Rigging Services (UK) and DART Rigging (Germany).

Another newcomer this year hints at the solidarity among the production community. JSA shut down its Russian HQ a year ago in protest over the nation’s military moves in Ukraine. Yet despite limited activity over the past 12 months JSA was selected above many of its peers to be in this year’s Production 100.

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JSA Stage Company was founded by Alexander Strizhak as a specialist in providing management services and technical support for concerts, festivals, and other events and quickly became the first professional stage company in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In 2014, with JSA’s management disagreeing with the military aggression in Ukraine, it shut down its Russian operations and relocated to Latvia.

Experienced working on large-scale projects, supplying staging, and/or as a local production company. JSA is confident it can emulate that success from its new base. With historic clients including the Rolling Stones. Paul McCartney. Madonna. Roger Waters. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Elton John. JSA is hoping its resurrection will be swift.

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The Production 100 was Launched last year to provide decision-makers in the live entertainment touring business with a resource they can turn to when looking for specific production specialists. Rather than simply grasp a few names out of the air. or charge those listed for their insertions (as some other publications do), we decided to turn to the people who know the industry inside-out to ask them to nominate their favorite suppliers.

That process was universally applauded, so once again, we asked 100 professionals – mostly production managers – to name their most trusted contractors across ten key sectors.

Once again we asked 100 professionals – mostly production managers – to name their most trusted contractors across ten key sectors.

Rather than being a chart of winners, the companies in each of our ten sections reflect the most trusted suppliers and experts in their particular sector – at least, according to our pool of voting production professionals.

In the inaugural Production 100. I suggested that those operations that didn’t make it into the book should plan their charm offensives on production manager clients to make sure that they made it into the 2015 publication And with a churn of more than 40% in company listings, it would appear a large number of contractors may have done just that. As for those who have dropped out of the reckoning in the last 12 months, the same rings true -impressing those who buy their products, services, or expertise in the coming year could result in being named one of the world’s top 100 production specialists for 2016.

Gordon Masson

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